Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cookies are Hard

Started out so promising

I don't know what it is about cookies. No matter what recipe I use, they almost always turn out poorly. I just want to make cookies that look like they're from a magazine or cookbook. Instead they turn out looking super flat and sad.

Less than stellar results

I was on a cookie kick the other week. I don't know what it was. I make great-looking cupcakes, and I just don't understand why I can't do cookies. Determined to make the perfect chocolate chip M&M cookies, I started with a recipe that I found on Martha Stewart. The recipe called for all butter, no shortening. I did exactly what the recipe said - mixed everything together correctly, chilled the dough for the right amount of time, and baked for exactly how long the recipe told me to. It was looking promising...until I looked into the oven and saw my beautifully formed cookies and turned into a cookie pancake.

Better results round 2

Determined to overcome my cookie inabilities, I picked the highest ranked chocolate chip cookie recipe on Epicurious and decided to make those. This recipe had half butter and half shortening. I guess it made a big difference because these cookies did not flatten out. I still wasn't 100% satisfied with these cookies. I would have liked if they had a more buttery flavor. I think I still need to tinker with the shortening to butter ratio.

Another surprise cookie package


Anonymous said...

Hi - I have had the same issues in the past and have finally realized what the problem was...It all depends on how long you beat the batter. If you are using the kitchen aid that I have seen in your pics then try to use the paddle attachment and just mix till all ingredients are blended. This way you can still use all the butter you want:) Oh but if you are adding chocolate chips or M&M's, ect. blend everything but them and mix in with a spoon. Hope this helps and keep in mind this is just what has helped me in the past, I'm sure there are other reasons behind it:)

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