Sunday, December 13, 2009

Bridal Shower Cupcakes

Last weekend, I was asked to make the cupcakes for my friend Lauren's cousin's bridal shower. Melissa, the bride-to-be, is also the one who ordered the space-themed cupcakes the other week for her fiance.

I made three dozen cupcakes in chocolate, vanilla, and red velvet. All of the cupcakes were frosted in vanilla buttercream. The colors on the shower invitation were sage green and cream. For the chocolate and vanilla, I dyed the frosting sage green, but I didn't think the green looked good on the red cupcakes so I kept it cream-colored.

For the top of each cupcake, I made gold blossom flowers and gold hearts that had the monogram 'M' inside them. I thought the overall look was understated, yet elegant - perfect for a bridal shower.


Genna Marie said...

How big are these cupcakes? Normal size or the mini ones? I cannot wait to have a reason to order some......i really want my dad to get some masters golf cupcakes if you could figure out a way to ship them to Augusta, Georgia!!

Tara said...

They're the regular sized cupcakes. The only way I can ship is in jars unfortunately!

Natalie said...

These are super-cute! I have recently began my new hobby of baking cupcakes! I was into making the decorative sugar cookies and cake bites, but have found cupcakes to be my new love! You do a great job with your blog...that's my next adventure!!

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