Friday, June 11, 2010

Midterm Cakes: Level 1 Completed!

The midterm for the program involved a pretty in-depth written exam and a practical exam. For the practical exam, we picked a cake type out of a hat that told us what cake flavor, filling, and covering we had to use. On the creative side, we were tasked to make a celebration cake for any occasion.

I happened to know in advance that one of my best friends was getting engaged while away on a cruise with her boyfriend. They got back the day of my midterm, and I thought it would be nice to text them a picture of a "Congratulations Kate & Adam" engagement cake upon returning to the US, newly engaged.My cake selection was chocolate sponge cake with buttercream (I chose peanut butter) and chocolate glaze. Not really wanting to make a brown cake, I tested out a white chocolate version first, but it wasn't as good as I wanted it to be, so I decided to use the dark chocolate glaze for the exam. The second version came out MUCH better. I also spelled "Congratulations" wrong on the first cake. Ooopsss.

The cakes my classmates came up with were SO impressive. Enjoy the photos below!

My Midterm Cake

Side view - really tough to get those sides perfectly smooth

Canada Day Cake

Las Vegas Cake - Check out the detail on the sign!

One classmate does really beautiful Japanese lettering on a lot of projects

Day of the Dead Cake

A classmate is obsessed with Disney - her Disneyland anniversary cake came out really amazingly

21st Birthday Roulette Cake

Fleet Week was the week of our midterm

Cinco de Mayo Cake

Really adorable level of detail on this cake - check out the mini croissants on the side and tiny eggs on the top

Hello Kitty Birthday Cake


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