Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm Officially Anti-Zest

It's been on the fence for a while now, but after the lime frosting I made Sunday, I'm officially declaring myself anti-zest. This probably should come as no surprise to me or those who know me very, very well being as I loathe tiny things with weird texture (don't even try to put parsley on my food or I will pick it off one tiny leaf fragment at a time), but the discovery seemed somewhat novel to me. As I had thrown about half a tablespoon of lime zest into the frosting, I started to question what purpose it served. Isn't the rind garbage? Why am I suddenly incorporating it into perfectly good icing? Or any food for that matter.

Mainly though, as with a lot of foods for me, it ultimately came down to the texture. As I sampled a spoonful of the delicious, sherbet-like frosting, I kept getting tiny pieces of zest that ruined the entirety for me. So as sad as I am to do this, I will likely be retiring my $15 microplane zester I recently bought. While it is fantastic, and I do love kitchen gadgets, for the time being, I have determined zest is just not for me.

On the texture front, I recently thought to make blood orange poppy seed cupcakes, but was unsure how the poppy seeds would fit in with my texture dilemma. I really hate to make cupcakes I won't eat (thus my lack of enthusiasm for anything with nuts, coconut or banana), and I shy away from most seeds. Look for my attempt at blood orange (no poppy for now) with vanilla bean frosting cupcakes tomorrow!


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