Sunday, February 22, 2009

Welcome to Cupcake Obsessed!

Hello and welcome to my first endeavor in cupcake blogging. Why cupcakes? Well, if you're asking, you clearly don't know me and that means my mom isn't the only one reading this. I am completely and totally obsessed with cupcakes. Honestly, I spend an embarrassing amount of time thinking about cupcakes, but I hope to one day turn this preoccupation into a career as a professional baker. As for now, I have a "regular" job in the media industry that I enjoy and pays for all the sugar and flour.

Kitchen area where I do most of my baking. The vodka is for when things get ugly in
the kitchen, and the Diet Coke is standard to keep me going.

I've always been interested by baking, but I started getting serious about cupcakes a little over a year ago. Working in NYC, it seems there's a cupcake bakery on every corner, and it inspired me to ditch the box mixes for once (although I still think nothing beats a good Funfetti mix) and attempt some of my own. Over the course of the year, I've accumulated more cupcake cookbooks than I could have imagined existed and like to modify some of those recipes into my own.

My collection of cookbooks, mostly baking-specific

So whether you're an amateur baker, professional, or somewhere in between like myself, I hope you enjoy my (sometimes unintentionally humorous) forays into baking.


Melissa Glick said...

Best cupcakes ever, especially the red velvet!

Jessica St.Ama said...

wow i can't believe i just read all of your entries haha i found this blog by googling easy cupcake ideas for my friend's bridal shower. great looking stuff :)

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