Tuesday, May 4, 2010

For LA Dwellers, Soap Lovers, and Cupcake Aficionados

General Hospital stars with their namesake cupcake

One of the blogs I read, Food 2, had a really great post about a cupcake Vanilla Bake Shop (in Santa Monica) came up with in honor of an on-screen couple from the soap opera, General Hospital. I wanted to share because it had the recipe and an interesting interview. And because I've been totally negligent about my own blogging lately (internet issues for the past few days!). I hope to get a post up about the end of breads and the start of petit fours, but in the mean time, I can blog about other great baked goods that catch my eye.

I grew up watching soap operas with my mom, specifically All My Children. Funny story...my brother would also watch them during the day with my mom, and my dad had to put a ban on All My Children for Eric when he started talking about Adam Chandler as if he was someone we knew. (Sorry, Eric.)

Anyway, the "Lante" cupcake is a dark chocolate cupcake with a mascarpone filling and a chocolate hazelnut buttercream with chocolate pearls. Minus the hazelnut (which will send me running for the Benadryl), that sounds amazing. Fortunately, the recipe's there too. I think I'll be trying a nut-free adaptation of that in the future.
For any readers who live in or near LA, Vanilla Bake Shop is giving away the Lante cupcake to the first 200 people who show up on May 5. Definitely worth checking out if you're in the area!

This one's for you Eric...


Anonymous said...

Tara...I definitely remember this whole Adam Chandler thing. This really cracked me up. Too funny!!!

Aunt Donna

Eric said...

Adam chandler is a bad, bad man...

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