Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pictures from the FCI Fondant Class

French Culinary Institute has a lot of amateur pastry and culinary classes, and for five weeks in April and May, I was fortunate enough to be able to volunteer to assist Chef Cynthia Peithman's amateur fondant class. The classes were on Saturdays, and it was a long day having 2 back to back classes. Being in school from 8:00 am until 9-10 on Saturdays wasn't fun, but it was well worth it.

Chef Cynthia is my Level 1 head instructor, but she's also a reknowned cake artist, and she had a wealth of knowledge to share with the 22 students who enrolled in the fondant course. Just watching the class alone was really informative for me. I've dabbled with fondant, but have never quite mastered it, and I think a lot of the tips and tricks Chef Cynthia shared will prove to be useful in my next fondant endeavor.

I took some pictures of the finished cakes the students made. Some of their talent really blew me away. A sampling of the finished cakes below:


fragolina said...

beautiful cakes.i have a passion for food and pastry & i'm so eager to be a pastry student at the FCI, its a future project and a dream for me.just hope i could fulfill it soon.great blog,it's like a diary for what's going on in the kitchens of FCI.wish you the best.

Tara said...

Good luck with attending FCI! I highly recommend it, and it's a decision you will not regret. If you ever have any questions about FCI or the pastry program, let me know - I'm happy to talk about it!

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