Sunday, March 29, 2009

Baby Shower Cupcakes

Top tier of the stand

This weekend was my first big order. I was hired to bake 5 dozen cupcakes for a baby shower. It was five different types - vanilla/strawberry, cookie dough, chocolate chip/chocolate, red velvet, and chocolate/peanut butter. To say this was a learning experience is definitely an understatement. Initially I was having a problem where some of the cupcakes were rising way over the pans and spilling over and some of them were not rising at all. I was tearing out my hair, about to cry, and ready to give up my dreams of being a professional cupcake baker, when I finally diagnosed the problem being with the oven. I suspect that the temperature was fluctuating, causing these problems. Sure enough, once I switched to the bottom oven (we have a double oven at my house), there were no more problems. Unfortunately, it took 4 batches of cupcakes that saw their way to the bottom of the trash can before I figured it out. All in all, I think they came out really well. I ate some of the "rejects" for breakfast (I had gotten up at 6 am to start baking), and even the mangled ones tasted great.

I made that cupcake stand!

I've been getting a lot more large orders coming up. It's really exciting, especially since all this started about a month ago. Although I've been baking basically since I can reach the stove (which contrary to popular was NOT last year...), but my first cupcakes I made not from a box were only last August. I'm really looking forward to taking more orders, trying more recipes and hopefully this all leads to my own cupcakery.


Anonymous said...

These were the cupcakes for my sister's baby shower. They were aweseome and everyone really enjoyed them! My fave is definitely the cookie dough cupcake w/choc. chip frosting and the red velvet w/cream cheese icing. I even brought my husband home some leftovers and he ate 3 in one sitting and raved about them. Great job Tara! I will definitely be calling on you for more parties!! Thanks again!

Debbie Hanhart said...

Was at this shower and the cupcakes were great. The presentation looked beautiful.I can't wait til my daughters shower In a few weeks so I can enjoy another flavor of cupcake. Great Job.

Anonymous said...

dear tara,
I'm sure you don't remember me -- I am Meryl's friend and was at your graduation. Congratulations!!!! You do amazing work and your enthusiasm as well as your talent shine in your blog. Wishing you much success. Martha Stewart watch out --Tara is gaining on you. Glad Lauren helped this weekend. It must have been like old times cooking together. Bravo to you. Georgia Silber

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