Wednesday, March 18, 2009

First Cupcake Sale!

So my cupcake obsession has recently led to a very small start-up cupcake business. My first real purchase was ordered for delivery in NYC tomorrow. A close friend of mine is leaving her job for another and requested a dozen vanilla cupcakes to be sent to her company's NYC office as a good-will gesture. Just in time, my new business cards came in the mail today! Although, I have mixed feelings about expanding (or starting) in NYC being as delivery is significantly trickier than in the NJ suburbs with a car.

I wish someone would send me cupcakes at work!


Vivian said...

whats your address at work?!!

cupcakes are sooo yummmyyyy

jabuticaba said...

I am so jealous of that office.

Anonymous said...

That business has got to be a success with cupcakes looking like that. If you charged any less than $3 they got a steal.

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