Saturday, March 21, 2009

Cupcake Truffles

Last weekend when I was home and made the rainbow cupcakes, I also made some of these cupcake truffles. I initially got the idea from Bakerella's blog. Bakerella is known for her cupcake pops (she appeared on Martha - basically living my dream), and the cupcake truffles are a simplified, non-lollipop version of those.

These are made by mixing a baked cake with icing, rolling the mixture into balls and then dipping them into two colors of chocolate. I absolutely drove my mom crazy by making her drive all over Central Jersey looking for the chocolate molds that form the cupcake "liners."

These were a huge hit at my office. The instructions for these are here.


Anonymous said...

these are way better than the ones that were on Marthas program just so you know!

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