Monday, April 27, 2009

Another Baby Shower, More Cupcakes

Top tier of the stand

This past weekend was the first ever cupcake order I was asked to do, which started this whole thing. I have done a few orders preceding this one, but this order is the one that started it all off. It was a baby shower for the daughter of one of my mom's acquaintances. I made red velvet, chocolate, and vanilla with toasted coconut.

Vanilla with Toasted Coconut - makes me wish I eat coconut!

Now that I've gotten the oven issues more or less resolved at my parents' house, baking there is so enjoyable. The kitchen is big, air-conditioned (which was key on a 90 degree Saturday), and there's occasionally someone there to wash some dishes (my mom). I just need to carefully monitor the oven temperature, but I didn't have any major issues this time.

The last baby shower I did, I worked straight from 6:00 am until delivery at 2:00 pm to battle the fluctuating oven and make sure they got done in time. This time, I woke up at 7:00 am, was done by 10:30 am, and napping by 11:00.


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