Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sneak Peak - Wedding Anniversary Cupcakes

Naked flowers

Tomorrow I'm heading down to South Jersey after work (the real job that pays the bills) to bake an order of cupcakes for a 50th wedding anniversary party. Because the cupcakes are traveling to North Carolina, I need to be extra cautious about packing them. They each will be topped with buttercream and embossed fondant with a fondant flower. I made the flowers in advance this weekend because they need to dry and harden before you can paint them. Last night, I carefully packed the 57 (3 broke while painting) flowers into two egg cartons with lots of layers of tissue. These survived the trip to work with no problem (I brought them early because it was supposed to rain tomorrow morning).

Gold is the traditional gift for 50th anniversaries. The blue was the
color the couple's bridesmaids wore in 1959


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